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If you make one false move, I’ll kill you.

AHHH I forgot to post for the past couple of days and I didn’t have time to make a queue or say I was going away but UM YEAH I’m in Italy right now….
It’s my first time in Europe ever and I’m with my dads side of the family (well just his parents and one of my cousins along with my dad and brother)
It’s like 10:40pm here right now and I’ve been here for two days so far…were getting by on my dads out dated Sicilian; I refuse to speak even in English most of the time, and my brother had a really bad speech impediment that prevents him from properly speaking Italian so he doesn’t bother with the language. Everyone else with us fluently speaks it and they flew up from Sicily today with us.
BUT YEAH ill post probably once a day to prevent from losing followers I guess of something since there’s wifi and I have international data.

TL;DR: I’m on vacation and I won’t fully be back until the 25th but I’ll try to post a few times okay bye now


somewhere there’s an alternate universe where the invader zim fandom is the most refined, elite group made up of only the upper crust of society. the randomness of tacoz is discussed at length by mustachioed gentlemen in stiff white-tie suits at formal events. gir messenger bags are considered high fashion

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